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Salvation of lies:
Ok, I did not agree with what was said in this section. It seems as though the person that wrote this didn’t really seem to bring up the fact that people died from being exposed to ice-nine and also dying on the hook. I don’t know if it’s just me who feels that way, it might be, but that is just how i feel about it. It also kind of seemed like the person was saying  ” In the novel, religion is beneficial not because it conveys some truth about the world, but rather because it gives people elaborate lies in which to believe”.  I don’t quite understand how that is beneficial to pepole. Yes it has some truth because the world does have evil in it. However, it just confuses me a little bit. 
The Futility of Human Pursuits:
He was right about the game of cats cradle being a symbol. However, i kind of agree and kind of disagree with what was said about it being a pointless game. I feel as though it kind of is because not only does it help teach you strategy, but it there is a small putpose to it. What it basically meant was you can’t choose your fate. You can’t decide what happens to you. If you trying messing with it, then there is a chance the changes will not be a positive experience.
Individual destiney and control:
This kind of made a good point. The idea of destiny, therefore, could be interpreted as either an unalterable series of events or the set of events that one sets in motion through one’s choices. I never really thought about it that way. I guess it is just one of those, everything happens for a reason kind of things.

In Kurt Vonnegut’s book “Cat’s Cradle”, Dynamic tension is an equilibrium between good and evil, and is a big theme for this novel. It is often discussed that there is definitely a battle between the two, and it plays a huge role in everyone’s life styles. There is more than one way dynamic tension was showed in this novel whether it was the Bokononism, ice-nine, and the society.

            Bokononism is a type of religion and is extremely strict and very unusual. This religion believed humanity was supposed to be organized into teams that do God’s will without ever discovering what they’re doing. Unfortunately for the followers of this religion, they had strict rules and if they didn’t follow them, then they would get “the hook”. It is a religion that is demanding and conservative. If you do or say anything wrong you will be forced to face the consequences.

            Ice- nine is a good example of dynamic tension because it is a substance that is deadly and can be considered evil to some people. Ice- nine is a liquid that will completely freeze any moist substances. If exposed to it, water, and people will die instantly and become as hard as a rock. There were a couple of different victims in the novel whose lives ended because of ice-nine. Whether the people knew what was going to happen or not, it did and they died.

            This society is torn between good and evil. Some people want to be apart of the good side and not have to worry about all the laws San Lorenzo has and feel free to be able to do their own thing. And some people were apart of the evil side and felt like that was the only way to go. However, as I was reading I noticed that evil seemed to have been more powerful than good. It talked a lot about situations that occurred and people dying from being on the hook or dying from ice- nine.

Dynamic tension is represented through Bokononism, ice- nine, and the society. If I was living in the community where Bokononism was the main religion, I would probably do something to rebel it because it is too crazy and too conservative for me to handle. I would probably be like Bokonon and try to put an end to that kind of life style for good. It is a negative environment that is evil and a terrible place to live.

*Angela Hoenikker is suddenly left motherless. She also has the responsibility for caring for her younger brothers, one of them an infant. What thoughts do you think are going through her head?

I can’t imagine how Angela was feeling. A girl losing her mother at a young age is hard enough, I cant imagine what it would be like to have to care for your siblings with one of them being a little baby. She had to grow up much faster than any young girl had to and I imagine it scared her. I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to handle all of that at the same time. It must have even been hard for her because when things were getting difficult, she didn’t have her mom to talk to. And a young girl needs her mom while growing up.

* The elevator operator, Lyman Knowles, is described as being clearly crazy. What is the difference between being mentally ill and being mentally challenged or having a learning disability?

There is a dramatic difference between having special needs and struggling with a little learning disability. When you are mentally ill, you cant control what you do or say most of the time, it is normally difficult for people to live in a normal envirnment without throwing tantrums and acting as if they were an infant. It all depends on what someone’s condition is. However, if someone just has a learning disability, then that might include reading comprehension issues, speech problems, or maybe even just having a hard time staying on task or sitting still for a long period of time. I know i have really bad ADD and can not sit still at all! After 10 minutes, i have to walk around and do something active. It also makes it difficult because, if i am trying to do school work, or trying to do something else, i get easily distracted and it can take hours, or days for me to finish. But with all said, people who suffer from mental illness need to be watched more carefully and don’t have as much freedom and everyone else.

* Lionel Boyd Johnson starts his own religion. If you were to start your own religion with yourself as a god, what would your religion be like?

Mine would be pretty laid back. I’m not exactly sure what I would call it, but it wouldn’t be like.. If you don’t do this you are going to hell, if you do this, you are going to hell, or you are a sinner if you do this, this, and this. I wouldn’t be able to handle that, And those are the kind of things just turn people away. Especially young adults and teenagers. And there also would be no spiritual thing where any weird rituals are practiced. It would just be a place where we can go and hang out and talk about all positive things, and what we can all do to make a difference in the world.

* Bokonon built his religion on lies. Is there ever a right time to lie? Is there ever a wrong time to tell the truth?

I guess it depends on the situation. I believe that it is only ok to lie when someone else could be in danger, or if you were helping someone you care about by denying something going on around them even if it might be true.  As far as it goes, telling the truth is always very important.  I dont feel as if it is ever wrong to tell the truth about anything. No matter what it might be.


The Author and her Craft:

When Dana is first cast back into the past, what is she doing? What is the date? What does the author suggest by her use of this situation and date specifically? What is significant about the date of Dana’s return to the present for the last time?

It was June 9, 1976, when Dana was first sent back in time, she is at a river with Rufus when he is a toddler, and is almsot drowning. She sees that he is in danger and goes to save his life. By Dana time traveling to this era, she is learning about her ancestors, and learning about what her family went through for the world to get to where it was in her day and age. I feel as if it was significant because both the first and last time, She did not have Kevin by her side to keep her protected. She had to learn things for herslef, and learn how to be more dependent of herself in the situations she was in.

Why is Kindred written in Dana’s voice (first person)?

Dana’s voice is written in first person because she is telling the story of her personal experiences and when you are telling a story like that you are supposed to talk in the first person because it is your stroy and is coming from your own personal point of view.

Characters and Motivation:

What are your own reactions to Rufus and his actions as he grows into a man?

I am not surprised with how he turned out to be. He feels as though he is surperior to all black people, and that he can do whatever he wants with them, because of the envirnment he grew up in and his surrounding by his parents beliefs.  Yet at the same time, he has showed that he has a sweet and sensitive side to him. But that is probably only because He first met Dana when he was 3, and he also grew up with a girl names Alice who is also black.

How do you think Dana’s future in the present will be affected by her experiences in the past? How about her relationship with Kevin?

I think Kevin and Dana time traveling will make a dramatic change in the relationship because of everything they experienced when they were together and not together. Dana is traumatized and Kevin probably is in some aspects. As far as it affecting Dana’s pressent future,  it is hard to say. Obviously incidents such as her getting beaten come back home with her because she still has the makrs on her back, and there is no denying anything. How this could change her life out side of this? I am not yet sure so I will have to keep reading to find an answer to this question.

Issues & Themes:

Abusive behavior occurs throughout the book and is assumed by the police investigating Dana’s injury. In what ways does this novel address or illuminate issues of domestic violence?

This novel illiminates issues of domestic violence because through out this entire novel, slaves being whipped and beaten on a daily basis. Most of the time, it seems like violence is a huge symbol to this novel.

What are the benefits of learning about our individual and collective past—even if the process is difficult or painful?

The benefits of learning about our personal pasts is important so we can understand how we came to be who we are as adults. Everyone should know everything about themselves, and their history so we can have an understanding of life, and family and a lot more.

Speculative Questions:

How would the novel have worked if the narration had been written from a different character’s point of view?

I don’t think I would be that interested in the novel because when someone is telling their own personal stories, only they can go in to specific details of how they felt, describing their envirnment and it makes it easier for me personally to get the visual in my head.

How would the story be different if Kevin were black?

This story would have been completely different because if Kevin was black and traveling back in time with Dana, he would not have been able to protect her because he would have become a slave as well. The fact that Kevin is white though, means when he was with her, he was able to protect her from getting hurt anyone, or sold into slavery by Mister Weylin or anyone else.


Dana is more equipped than Alice and her mother because she is stronger, and that makes it more capeable for her to survive. Also, Kevin went through time with her the second time, and because he is white, he is able to look out for her and protect her from any dangerous situations he can. Another reaon Dana is more equipped, is because whenever she gets scared, it triggers he time traveling. Or so it is assumed. Whatever the cause is, she is normally able to get out of that century when things are starting to take a turn for the worse. However, Dana is less equipped because she is black, So whenever she is in the 1800’s, she has to work as a slave which increases her chances of danger every time. The precautions Dana took were,  that she tried having more supplies on her that she would be wearing just in case she would travel through time if she were sleeping, just hanging around the house, or just being out and about. She also was more careful of where she was going and what she was telling people. If i was in this situation, I would make sure I had a place i could easily run to and hide if possible. I would make sure to watch where i was going and who saw me,what could happen, and what I told people. As well as having a weapon on me at all times if i could. The experiences Dana goes through are terrifying and scary and I could never imagine having to go through that. In fact, I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to. This is giving her the chance to take a bad situation, and make the most out of it as she possibly can. While working as a slave, she is learning more about her ancestors and her family history, and that is something very important. Along with being able to help Rufus any chance she can. I feel like many times in the novel, she has no idea what she is capable of, and what she can do to protect herself. So far, I would say she is doing very well and i find it very impressive. I don’t think she thinks she is capable of getting out of this situation and, that no matter what she does, she is considered to be doing something wrong by others in that envirnment. Dana refers to her place of enployment a slave market because, before she traveled through time, she was working at a place with many others, and had freedom. She also met her husband Kevin while taking a lunch break at lunch. And now as she travels through time, she is actuallay a slave and has no choices and no say with what she does. If she doesn’t work, then she has to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, even though she is claiming Kevin owns her, I think she is still at risk of getting beaten, raped, or dying. I am sure her views have changed because she realized how much times have changed throughout history, and how different it was from the 1800’s to the next century. Her life will never be the same again, and if/when she goes back, she will be more grateful to have things the way they are and her experiences will make her a much stronger person.

 ” My aunt and uncle said I could write in my spare time if I wanted to… Meanwhile, for the real future, I was to take something sensible in school if I expected them to support me.”

She is telling Kevin what her family told her. They were pretty much saying she didn’t have a say in her future career decisions. I think it is very sad when kids or young adults tell their parents what they want to do as a career choice, and they don’t have their parents support. It was happening back then, and unforunately I still see a little bit of it once in a while in this present day. But eventually, she breaks free from it, gets married, and has a good life. I feel as though it was appropriate for her to feel that way. Dana knew that her life was in grave danger the more she was there, and the longer she stayed there. I think she was also indecisive about her true feelings, and didn’t know what to think. She knew that as long as her husband was there, she would have a greater chance of survival. However, she doesn’t want her husband to have to experience anything she has to while being there. I would probably feel the same way. If I were trveling through time, to a decade where I could have the possible chance of becoming a slave and losing my rights, I would want someone I knew to protect me there as well, but at the same time I wouldn’t want anyone else to be in danger, and possibly have something happen to them because they were trying to protect me. I have no idea how I would survive it, and I am sure I would never be able to forgive myself. On pages 61-65, Dana is asking Rufus to suspend his disbelief because as much as it is hard to imagine, she wants him to have some what of an understanding to what is happening to her and she feels he has the right to be able to try and wrap his mind about it because one minute she is  there, and the next minute he is not. She also wants to try and explain to him why he can see her before she actually shows up. I probably would have done the same thing. I would have been very careful as to what I was saying, but Dana trusts Rufus and that makes a huge difference. At first, I probably would have been confused if I was Rufus, but I would have accepted it and believed it after a while. I mean, what would you think if you were in his shoes, and everytime you needed Dana’s help, you saw her before she actually showed up? You were able to see where she was and what she was doing. I know there would have to be some kind of explanation for something like that to happen. On page 70, Dana realizes a lot of people do not trust her. And that is because she is black, but she is also educated. A lot of people in that time did not trust educated slaves because they could easily escape, and cause more problems than someone who was educated.

While reading “Kindred” last night, I must say I got kind of confused, but it was very interesting and kept my attention. I felt as if I was right next to the characters the entire time, and it took my imagination to a  new level. I can’t wait to do my reading later to see what will happen next.

For her quote “I don’t have a name for the thing that happened to me, but I don’t feel safe anymore”, I feel as it was a very reasonable feeling to have. She wasn’t completely aware of what was happening, where she was, or what was going to happen next. That would make me very scared too. I would be fearing for my life and safety. I would also be nervous and anxious to see where I would end up next because, one minute she was in one place, and another she was somewhere completely different.

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